We don't merely have RF ceramic filters produced in the world's leading and highest-capacity ISO9001 manufacturing facilities, but we add supplemental detailed product & material specifications and design attributes which enable us to achieve superior temp-stability, reliability/quality/ruggedness, IL, and low PIM.

Ceramic Monoblock

BPFs, Duplexers, and Diplexers from 0.2 GHz to 12 GHz.

If you are using "old school" discrete coaxial dielectric resonator filters, you are missing out on the superiority of monoblock technology which is higher-performance, lower-cost, lower-loss, higher-reliability, & smaller size.

Ceramic Waveguide

BPFs from 0.7 GHz to 40 GHz.

Outperforms ceramic monoblocks when higher-Q, lower-loss, higher-frequency, and/or higher-power is required. Is called the "air-cavity killer" for good reason. Provides the highest performing and lowest-loss mmWave filters.

Ceramic Planar "Thin Film"

BPFs and other functions from 5 GHz to 45 GHz can be wire-bonded, surface-mounted, or connectorized.

LC & Dielectric Resonator Filters

BPFs and Duplexers from 0.01 up to 10 GHz including surface-mounted.

Ceramic Patch Antennas

including precision high-performance custom form-factors as well as fused multi-layer / multi-band / multi-element.

Metal Air-Cavity Filters

BPFs and Duplexers from 0.6 up to 10 GHz including small-form-factor surface-mounted cavity filters.

SAW Filters & Resonators

BPFs and Duplexers from 0.1 up to 2.7GHz