We address a diverse range of RF microwave filters and other passive products for commercial, communications, industrial, military, satellite, and aviation/aerospace applications. We support products operating over frequencies from 200MHz to 40GHz and from low-power up to 400W of peak modulated power.

GNSS/GPS GeoLocation

BPFs, LPFs, Diplexers and ceramic patch antennas for agricultural, autonomous driving, industrial, military, aviation/aerospace, and more including for use in high-performance anti-spoof/anti-jam solutions which require tightly controlled phase and/or group delay.

4G/5G Wireless Communications Infrastructure

BPFs, LPFs, Duplexers, and Diplexers for Active Antennas, Massive MIMO RRHs, Outdoor Macro-Cells, Metro-Cell RRHs, Indoor Small-Cells, DAS, Repeaters & other "coverage" systems.

Satellite Communications

BPFs, LPFs, and Duplexers from UHF, and L-band up to X-/Ku-/Ka-band for variety of remote terminals including the latest broadband internet LEO projects. Able to support MUOS, Iridium, InMarSat, and much more.


BPFs, LPFs, and filter-banks designed for L-band, S-band, C-band up to X-/Ku-/Ka-band including Missile Defense, Short-range Vehicle-mounted, Weather Radar, Radio Altimeters, public-safety, UAV, tactical defense, etc.


BPFs for Datalink control, GeoLocation, ADS-B transponders, Altimeters, Radar, etc.

MilComm Tactical Radios

BPFs, Duplexers, and band-combiners for Handheld, Manpack, and Vehicle-mounted applications