About Trusted Microwave Passives

Trusted Microwave Passives LLC provides high-performance, high-reliability passive microwave components, specializing in RF ceramic filters. With our global design, manufacturing, and fulfillment logistics partners, we deliver top-quality solutions to meet the demanding needs of the RF microwave and millimeter-wave industry from 200MHz to 40GHz including US national security / military / aerospace / aviation applications, precision industrial GNSS-GPS solutions, as well as world-wide RF communications infrastructure including 4G/5G, satcom, and more.

Our Expertise

We have been working in the electronics industry focused on RF wireless including aviation/aerospace, industrial and cellular communications sectors for 40 years with a most recent focus on ceramic filter innovations for the last 10 years. During their career, our team originated various innovations to the filter industry including universal footprint monoblock filters, X-band monoblock filters, Ku- & Ka- band ceramic waveguide filters, hybrid monoblock for sub-400MHz applications, and more. Our approach to filters is to provide collaborative system engineering solution customer support to ensure that the products that you select or that are custom-designed truly meet all of your needs even addressing compatibility to future hardware-platform frequency versions.